Harmonic, un thème graphique simple

De larges images et une jolie présentation du portfolio…

Une page d’accueil façon « One-Page » et des effets visuels « Parallaxe » pour un thème facile d’utilisation


  • Main-screen
    Harmonic makes your content sing. Whether you’re a band looking for a record deal, a travel blogger documenting your trip around the world, or anyone making a home on WordPress.com, this theme lets you express yourself and makes your content shine. Harmonic features a flexible blog layout with one or two columns and a scrolling front-page template for a strong impact on your readers.
  • Device-Agnostic
    Harmonic is designed to look good no matter what device you’re using. From a lighter mobile experience, through a full-screen desktop view, all elements have been carefully considered to look good at any screen size.
  • Scrolling Front Page
    With Harmonic you can build your own front-page layout. Choose from a title screen, showing your latest posts, page content, widgets or even a showcase of using the Portfolio Custom Post Type.
  • Frontpage
    You can control each front-page section using the Customizer, where you can change the background image, add a shaded layer, or even turn off a section.
  • Content-Focused
    Harmonic keeps the focus on your content, whether it’s a featured image, gallery, or a longform post. Single posts and pages with a featured image are led into with a full-page image.
  • Portfolio Custom Post Type
    Harmonic comes with special styling for Portfolios. Simply start using them and you can easily showcase your photos, or even a discography if you are a musician. This theme also lets you showcase your latest portfolio images on the homepage, as long as you’re using the scrolling front-page template. How cool is that!
  • Site Logo
    Harmonic supports the Site Logo feature. To brand your site and include your personal logo, navigate to Customize → Site Title and upload a logo image in the space provided.
  • Social Icons
    Harmonic displays links to your social media profiles as icons on the top left of the navigation bar using a Social Links Custom Menu. Icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and most other popular networks are included, and Harmonic will automatically display an icon for each service if it’s available.

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