Simple et moderne !

Construit en htlm5, ce thème s’adapte à tous les supports. Avec de jolis effets graphiques


  • Shuffle Posts
    Mix and shuffle posts on the homepage in the recent work section without leaving the page. Give it a try. Talk about wow factor!
  • Responsive
    Mixfolio adapts to the screen sizes of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Want to see it in action? Resize your browser window and see the results.
  • Post Formats
    Assign Posts to specific Post Formats, such as Image, Gallery, Video, Standard, Quote and Link. Mixfolio changes post designs based on the Post Format.
  • Theme Options
    Control all the important aspects of Mixfolio by configuring the theme options page. Add Custom CSS, upload a logo, add your Twitter URL, all without touching code.

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